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Mascarpone Cream and Keto Muffins

Mascarpone Cream and Keto Muffins

Get some mascarpone and make this quick recipe-I'm sure you'll love it. You will only need 4 ingredients and it is ready in 10 minutes!

100 g of mascarpone cheese 2 yolks 60 g erythritol 2 tablespoons of white rum.

Mix the mascarpone with the tablespoon of rum. In a bowl, add the egg yolks. With a mixer, mix well the egg yolks with the sweetener. Gradually add the Mascarpone cheese. Blend until the cream reaches a thick but fluid consistency with no lumps. Put the mascarpone cream in the cups along with the Muffin SoKeto or cut a SoKeto Muffin into layers and fill layer by layer. Serve it with some dark chocolate chips and enjoy the ketogenic mascarpone cream and muffins!

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