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Is it possible to reduce hunger?

Is it possible to reduce hunger?

Hunger is a sensation related to the need to introduce food when the body enters an energy deficit and is regulated by hormones and thehypothalamus: a region of the nervous system that acts as a sensor for a whole range of parameters , hunger/satiety included.

To keep hunger pangs at bay, it is necessary to seek out foods with the highest satiety index and distribute them rationally throughout the day. Indeed, the choice of what we eat is influenced by sensory and psychological aspects but also by the satiety index of foods. Hunger can thus be regarded as a response to a need. Answer that depends on what? When it is continuous and compulsive either you have been in great energy deficiency for a long time or, more likely, you are confusing it with appetite!

The reasons why we may continually feel cravings can be several, including.

Eating because of stress

Eating to relieve sadness or loneliness

Eating out of boredom

Eating out of habit

Protein is an important nutrient; it provides the body with key amino acids that the body needs to maintain and build muscle. Protein also generates satiety, gradually lowers ghrelin levels, and increases hormones that make you feel full. Reducing carbohydrate intake and introducing more protein daily helps people eat less throughout the day.

There is a pleasant and sustainable way to suppress the feeling of appetite and, therefore, to lose weight. The solution is to adopt a low-carbohydrate lifestyle. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates, you will notice a sudden decrease in the feeling of hunger right away. When you consume fewer carbohydrates, your liver will increase ketone production, thus creating a fat-burning state called "ketosis." Many scholars have confirmed that being in a state of ketosis allows you to reduce your appetite and succeed more easily in losing weight. Some tips for reducing appetite with new habits:

  • Learn to eat slowly and chew food. Cutlery should be placed on the table between bites.
  • Try to take a 5-minute break between courses.
  • When you feel full, stop eating. Often out of gluttony, the little voice of satiety we pretend not to hear.
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