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You want to start an innovative business In the restaurant business?

Do you want to be the FIRST in YOUR city?

Open the first SoKeto Point in your city.

We put a new concept of 'doing catering' at your service and provide you with all the tools to implement and run a kitchen service from scratch in your home or within your facility.

Together with chefs and nutrition experts, we tested different solutions to meet all those people, who follow a ketogenic and low carb eating style. Therefore, we have created a menu of keto dishes to offer in your kitchen and cater to a growing clientele.  

Opening a SoKeto Point means bringing to the tables, of all people who choose a healthy lifestyle, ready meals in perfect ketogenic and low carb style.

Conosci lo stile Soketo

Low operating costs

Compared with a regular restaurant business lower operating costs. No need for a room in which to welcome customers, decrease utility costs, reduce staff costs.

Quality of raw materials

Since you do not have the cost of running a wait staff, you can invest in the quality of raw materials while offering superior product quality.

Increase the number of customers
By opening a Ghost Kitchen with us, you will have the opportunity to reach more customers and introduce ketogenic specialties to thousands of people.

Ghost kitchen: innovation in catering

Let's discover this new kitchen concept that is based on quality dishes and home delivery, without having a room for customers.

What is a Ghost Kitchen?

Ghost Kitchen refers to a restaurant that cooks and delivers only without having a room.


The"ghost kitchen" (so called because the customer cannot see the kitchen, but can "feel" it through taste), is where superb dishes are made with fresh ingredients.
The Soketo ghost Kitchen is perfect for those who want to start a new business with low startup costs, those who already have a business and want to transform, or entrepreneurs who want to expand their business without too much upfront cost.


You are in the right place if:

You are in the right place if you want to set up your own business, if you are looking for a business that you can do from home, if you are an entrepreneur or restaurateur who is looking for a new business to diversify and to take advantage of new market opportunities. Online food delivery is growing faster than the rest of the market, and Ghost kitchens enable reduced direct investment, ensure excellence at the operational level, and greater agility in product management A trend that will continue to grow, as confirmed by all home delivery portals.

Our Affiliation Proposal

What we guarantee you

Consulenza apertura Ghost Kitchen SoKeto

Assistenza amministrativa, fiscale, legale e gestionale, progettazione del punto SoKeto

Fornitura prodotti

Fornitura Materiale per asporto

Fornitura materiale promozionale

Inserimento nella App SoKeto

Tablet con App Manager per gestire gli ordini

Stampante termica per le comande

Visibilità sui canali SoKeto

Visibilità localizzata sui social

Video ricette

Piano strategico Lancio Punto SoKeto

Formazione: Trasmissione del Know how e corsi di formazione e aggiornamento

Creazione della KetoValley nella Tua zona

We will teach you how to create a profitable business

You will be among the first to enter this new market

We will be at Your side in the development of Your business

The SoKeto Project was created with the aim of introducing more and more people to the ketogenic style and facilitating those who already follow it by offering keto-friendly ready meals at home. The ketogenic diet is also gaining more and more attention from doctors and nutritionists who recommend the ketogenic style to lose weight and stay healthy.

Soketo is a modern and growing brand, which bases its principles on ketogenic nutrition that involves the reduction of carbohydrates, causing the body to use so-called "fat reserves" as an energy source.

Today, we are ready to offer you all the tools at our disposal to help you become an entrepreneur in the ketogenic-style health industry in a matter of weeks.

We are selecting new partners to open SoKeto Points in Italian cities.

Do you want to join the project and take advantage of the benefits reserved for the first ones who open a new SoKeto Point? It is not necessary to be an experienced chef; the project is designed in such a way that everyone can create their own space and work in the world of ketogenics.


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Open a Soketo point in your city, start the real revolution in catering.